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6 Postcards set

6,00 (Taxes included)
Surprise your loved ones in a special way, sending them a message with your own handwriting. There is no need of too many words to say the important things. A never out-of-fashion tradition. Put all the postcards together…to form the complete route of the French Way.

Decorative Prints

9,00 (Taxes included)
Decorative prints of the artistic engraves includes in the Passport of The Way of Saint James.  Large format high quality prints , to enjoy all the details of this marvellous work. An original decorative element for the ones who always have El Camino in mind. Choose the one you like most.

Hoodie with inspirational message

35,00 (Taxes included)
The Hoodie of The Way, will make you comfortable in all the conditions, while you walk, when you wander through the villages and cities of each stage. A versatile garment that will keep you warm at the magic dawns and night falls of the complete Way

Pilgrim’s Notebook

12,00 (Taxes included)
High quality materials and plenty of blank space to gather your thoughts, notes, drawings or that beautiful tree leaf…The perfect place to express and keep all the memories for this unique experience.