A story on the way

The Way is one of those things that happens to you in life and you really want to remember, although deep inside you do not know exactly why.

Spring 2017 marked a milestone for a group of dreamers who love walking. On the last stage, and entranced after 33 days along the Way, at the Obradoiro Square itself, an outlandish idea was born; this idea grew in ourselves along months. The need to have something that will allow us to stretch on the lived sensations, to remember the things we felt…, in the end, to feel the Way again.

A book, a photo album, a video… no, none of that things, it should be a passport. Of all the Books in the world, the best Stories are found between the Pages of a Passport. A Passport recalls many other things in our minds: memories, trips, adventures, people that have been part of our lives.

And this is how our project was born.Today, now as a real thing, it highlights the memory that will be engraved in our souls and bodies forever of the art, the nature, the history and even the essence.

¡Ultreia, pilgrim!

Our project

One of our goals is to give back to the Camino what it gave us. A world of sensations and experiences difficult to explain. We detect the lack of Quality in the world of memories, before a world treasure that is “El Camino de Santiago”.

For us it has always been very important to make our work known, as an element of dissemination of an enormous number of aspects that we want to extol and of incalculable value, such as the artistic heritage, the history and the values that are the backbone of the Camino de Santiago as it is the companionship, the effort and the customs that make this trip something unique.

How we work

We don’t understand work without having fun, we don’t understand this project without commitment, without passion and without hard work. Give what our project needs 100% above any product.

Quality, thoroughness, talent and knowledge are elements present in everything we do, that’s how we conceive it and that’s how we’ll take it to the end.

Can you come with us?

And the future?

How difficult it is to talk about the future!! when what you have in the present is more than you expected. But our commitment is very high, with the Camino, with ourselves and above all with our community. And the fact is that we have as many dreams as there are Paths and our desire is to make each one of them its own story.

Camino del Norte, Portugués, Vía de la Plata, Primitivo, Mozárabe… and we are like that, dreamers by nature and, above all, people who connect with people.

Our talent

Alfonso Cañibano


Sergio Ruiz García


Laura Rikman


Ana Marina


Adrian Rodriguez


Isaac Rojo


Manasés Perales